Windows Regopenkey Returned Error

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Aug 21, 2017  · Hi, got the exact same issue in my test environment. After it fails to connect to the local machine it goes out and connects to one of the 2k10 servers.

Windows. I get only the first printf "RegOpenKeyEx OPENED". If the function fails, the return value is a nonzero error code defined in.

Private Declare Function RegOpenKeyEx Lib "advapi32.dll". http://support.;en-us;186428. I move the call to RegOpenKeyEx back in the.frm file, the problem (error returned 5) reappears.

I have a large Visual Basic 6 application which has been running for about 6 years on Windows XP, SP3. I’ve made a few changes to it to accomodate using it on Windows.

Microsoft – If you upload data beyond this quota, you’ll encounter an HTTP error. The Windows Defender ATP threat intelligence API provides several optional query parameters that you can use to specify and control the amount of data returned in.

Why is RegOpenKeyEx() returning error code 2 on Vista. On a Windows 64-bit system the Registry is actually divided. Why RegOpenKey() returning error 2 on 64 bit.

Java: java.util.Preferences Failing. Ask Question. Windows RegOpenKey(.) returned error code 2. And this is what happens when I try to write to a node:

This handle is returned by the. flag to get a generic description of the error. Remarks. The RegOpenKey function uses the. Windows 2000 Professional.

A few months ago, I wrote a blog which tells us reasons about why we should use tools provided with the product rather than generic tools. Yeah, I am talking about.

Registry access, worked on XP & Vista but not Windows 7. the call to RegOpenKey fails returning an error code of 5. RegOpenKey returned error code 5.

Keywords: Error 5 Opening Registry Key RegOpenKey Windows 7 access Denied. Can someone please explain error 5 returned from my app trying to open a.

Jun 09, 2009  · I am creating a program in c++ that uses cURL. I ran into this error and I need help figuring it out: make: *** Error 1 I put some screenshots here so you.

Parameters hKey [in] A handle to an open registry key. This handle is returned by the RegCreateKeyEx or RegOpenKeyEx function, or it can be one of the following.

Sep 9, 2014. you may see the error message "Remote Registry Opening (ESET Security. In the Permissions for HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE window, click.

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After installing DHCP on Windows Server 2008 R2, you may start to see the following error message in the event logs : Volume Shadow Copy Service error:

Windows 7 Registry Problem – CodeProject – The following call works on a Windows XP computer, but returns an error code=2 on my Windows 7 computer. Hide Copy Code. HKEY hKey.

#1 Cannot start under Windows – RegCreateKeyEx error 5 Status: closed-fixed. Owner: jppietsch. Windows RegOpenKey(.) returned error code 2.

Finding Security Compatibility Issues in Internet Explorer 7 – Finding Security Compatibility Issues in Internet Explorer 7. As of December 2011, this topic has been archived. As a result, it is no longer actively maintained.

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